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Psychoactive plants list


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Terpenes are hydrocarbons (a compound made of hydrogen and carbon) found in plants, which are produced for various reasons including to discourage insect feeding, attract pollinators, defend against bacteria and fungus, and much more. Compounds such as limonene, caryophyllene and other terpenoids have a variety of proposed anti-inflammatory. Okay here is a list of psychoactive plants I have researched and expermented with most. I tried to make each plant unique including little known herbs. But also if one plant is primarly DMT, I only listed one plant that is primiarly DMT. Same with an MAOI or a plant.

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All psychotropic substances have been listed in the Schedule to the NDPS Act, 1985. These may categorized into: Psychotropic substances whose manufacture is completely prohibited: These substances are listed in Schedule I of the NDPS Rules, 1985. Thus, this is a sub-set of the List of Psychotropic Substances in the Schedule to the NDPS Act.

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The ultimate guide to magical plants gets even better in this new edition of The Complete Illustrated The Encyclopedia of Aphrodisiacs: Psychoactive Substances for Use in Sexual Practices. 520.) the list of federally prohibited.

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Plants and drugs that were formerly of local significance have become familiar and available in other parts of the world. Today, there is an estimated 190 million drug users around the globe, which accounts of 3.1% of ... Gives a list of Psychotropic substance under National control in Schedules I - IV of the Convention on Psychotropic.

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